PS1 Style Camera-Based Vertex Distortion

I’d like to emulate the look of a PS1 game, and a big part of that look is having the verts of objects warble and snap around as they or the camera move. I understand that this effect is the result of vertex positions being passed to the screen as integer values rather than float values. I’m pretty sure that each pixel is an integer, so verts snap from pixel to pixel.
I’ve seen many examples of people trying to get this effect by quantizing vertex positions to whole numbers in the world-space. I feel that this effect falls short though, since it isn’t affected by camera movement, and the effect grows more subtle the further from the camera the object is. On the PS1, the opposite happens.
I want to get a more accurate effect by quantizing the vertex positions to the nearest “pixel” of a made up resolution, probably 320X240. By snapping verts to a grid in screen-space rather than world-space, I think it would effectively be identical to the PS1 effect. I know what I want to do, and I imagine it’s possible, I just don’t know the nodes or the math I need to do it.