PS move support

Do the new features to ue4 support ps move for morpheus development. I recently saw the twitch support stream on vr and nick whiting mentioned that motion controls are now handled as generic motion controls by the engine but how can i connect ps moves to my machine and have the engine read that they are present? I know there is ps move plugin in the works but I cant connect my moves with windows 8 using the plug in and connection methods. Does anyone else have any ideas, answers, or is working with ue4 and project morpheus that can shed a little light?

I recall that too. I’d like to know if Move will be supported. I’d also like to know if the unified controller support will extend to mobile and the GearVR controller. I tried on 4.9 preview 4 and the GearVR controller didn’t seem to work out the box. Finally I have a Razer Hydra too, hoping that this will be supported in 4.9 out the box too since I think Sam Deiter was playing with one in the Twitch stream that Lasyavez mentioned?

I would be interested in move working as well

This needs to be answered, Ill definitely be buying and integrating the move in my oculus rift game if it works. I’d like to buy them ahead of time if only they would give us some details!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it won’t work how you are imagining. There is no official way to connect PS Move to PC and likely never will be. When they mention Move support they mean support with a PS4 devkit. If you don’t have a PS4 devkit, you can’t use Move.

There are third party libraries out there that utilize Move and a camera to get some rudimentary positional tracking, but they are not supported by Sony and thus not likely to be officially supported in UE4. That doesn’t stop you from hacking in support yourself if you’d like! It will take a lot of effort and knowledge of C++.

At this point, if you don’t have any devkits the best route for motion control prototyping is a Razer Hydra (not that great) or simply waiting until Vive or Touch becomes available. Frustrating, I know :confused:

You’re right. If you search around a bit, you can see that a few independent devs have hacked drivers for a Wii remote or PS Move, but they aren’t going to post this stuff publicly. It is a shame that some of devices are depreciating in the practical market, but could find a new life with independent developers if only things were more open. Consoles right?