Prowlies - 2D animated wildlife documentary in UE4 environments

As a test for a much larger upcoming project, I completed this 2 minute short using environments I built in UE4, then added hand-drawn 2D animation. I streamed the entire process on my Twitch channel over a couple of months of weekends.



The purpose of this wildlife documentary series is to expand and solidify the world of “Brackenwood”, a project I started way back in the early 2000s as Flash movies on Newgrounds. With this episode now complete, I’ve started building new environments for the larger project which is a 7-10 minute character-driven story. Once that’s done I’ll probably resume this wildlife documentary series, with 12 of them already written and designed.

Wow! I remember seeing your flash videos back when they first came out on NG.

I absolutely love the art style you have.

Would it be possible to get some quick breakdowns on how you accomplished the looks in UE4?

It isn’t much but I created this small test scene from studying a game called Woodbound. I just have this innate desire to create beautiful stylized nature scenes and would love to learn everything you’re willing to teach.

But anyway, thank you for all the great animations you’ve made over the years.

Hey, thanks!
Because I wanted the environments to look like an improvement on the old Flash movies but still retain the flat vector look, I first had to learn about cel-shading. @hippowombat’s Woodbound (which you mentioned) was an excellent resource; I followed THIS 2017 POST of his, which also links to a 2016 cel-shading tutorial from [USER=“399580”]Thura Oo[/USER]. The link in that post --hippowombat, if you’re reading-- is now broken, but HERE it is on the forums.
For my project, the cel-shade post process material comes with one or two caveats but those resources above are what really got me started. I’ve been building those materials for almost everything since.

Hey all, thanks so much for letting me know about that broken link, as well as for the updated one! I’ll update my blog post when I get home from work!

Great work on your projects also! Best of luck to you! Cheers!

Thanks @chluaid ! I’m actually very familiar with all that stuff, I’m glad to see I was on the right track.

Also, hello @hippowombat !

I love all the amazing stuff that you do and thanks so much for all the tutorials and insights. Been watching Woodbound for awhile now and I’ve been dreaming of the day that I can create something with as much love and beauty as you have with Woodbound.