Protostar, Vulkan and the S7 w/ Smedis and Wyeth + Game Jam Kickoff- Live from Epic HQ


After the recent reveal of Protostar at Samsung S7 Unpacked in Barcelona, we are excited to discuss more about the demo, Vulkan and developing Protostar on the S7. Wyeth and Smedis will be showing the tech demo on a Samsung Galaxy S7 live on the stream, then they will go into even more detail about the new features shown on Protostar.

**During the stream we will be raffling two (2) Samsung Galaxy S7 phones. **All you have to do to be entered into the raffle is attend the stream.

Then, we’ll reveal the March UE4jam theme and start it off. Good luck to who’s entering and make sure to preregister.

Thursday, March 10th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]



Wyeth Johnson - Lead Technical Artist - @SirWyeth](
Niklas “Smedis” Smedberg - Technical Director, Platform Partnerships

  • Community Manager -

If you have question for Wyeth and Niklas, please post them! We may not be able to answer everything, but we’ll do our best :smiley:


Vulkan! I want to hear about Vulkan :cool:

And while the mobile side of it is also interesting, I would really like to hear about Vulkan in regards to making D3D11 and D3D12 obsolet on PC. No longer being dependent on Microsoft, that’s what’s making me exited about Vulkan. So if someone could make any comments about how far the non-mobile integration of Vulkan in UE4 is, I would love to hear anything about it. Is it already supporting all D3D11 features in UE4 with at least same performance (if the drivers already allow that)?

Is there any way to get an idea of what device profile settings were used for the Protostar project? I’ve ran into a few issues on my S7 Edge using the Sun Temple demo and was curious if it was bad profile settings, material settings, or just a bug.

I know that 1 of them is/was a bug and needs 4.11p6 to get translucent materials to work properly but the others are odd issues with what looks like layered materials simply showing giant pixels instead of the texture itself. oh and if it matters its the Snapdragon 820 variant with the Adreno 530 GPU.

Curious to know the overlap between Vulkan and GearVR development. Will we see Vulkan perf/features for GearVR anytime soon?

Seconding that; when will we see Vulkan (in general, not just mobile…4.12?) and how does it match with GearVR (which most SGS7 pre-orders will get for free)?

Yea, any info on Vulkan and GearVR is welcome. :slight_smile:
Also, will Vulkan for UE4 support the Samsung S6/S6 Edge ? Since it was said that all devices supporting ES 3.1 can support Vulkan.

Can someone please post a short summary about Vulkan on S6 and S7 (and how it improves mobile VR performance; if it expands Oculus imposed soft limits for 60 drawcalls and 100k tris) and when it’s coming to UE4 binaries (4.12 ?)


Awesome stream topic and S7 phones, that’s great!

So, can someone please post brief breakdown about S6/S7, Vulkan and mobile VR ?

So far, we have only focused our Vulkan implementation in UE4 on the mobile deferred renderer, specifically for the S7. We would of course like to continue with full support for the desktop deferred renderer on PC, but we don’t have firm roadmap for that yet.

Is this when running Vulkan or just regular OpenGL ES? Are you using the code from the Dev-Mobile stream in Perforce or what flavor of UE4?

Samsung currently only support Vulkan on the S7. Regarding GearVR (or VR in general) - Vulkan is theoretically promising nice things for making CPU overhead much better for VR (more drawcalls), but we haven’t had time to work on that in UE4 yet.

can we get same result as windows in S7 with Vulkan ? features like realtime GI ? it will be awesome if talking more about vulkan and which thing will possible with that .


Man I never see the notifications. Anyways I posted in Answerhub like suggested , Issues with Materials on Samsung S7 Edge and Sun Temple - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

But to answer in here I am using the Launcher version of 4.10.4 and 4.11p7 and using the normal OpenGL ES.

OK the **S7 **arrived and ready for some development…using Vulkan

Anyone notice you cant use the Sony PS4 controller with the current release of VR Gear !!!
this is a massive “lockout” as the PS4 controller is slick and so easy to use…

Ha Nougat is on S6 with minimal Vulkan support!