PROTOFACTOR, Inc's Animals Packs // Work in Progress

Hi there!
While some of our last submissions for the Heroic Fantasy Series are still pending review and release. We started the upgrade process of some other older models from our library: the animals packs. We have 24 animals that will be upgraded over the months to come before they can hit the UE4 Marketplace:

  1. Bear
  2. Wolf
  3. Boar
  4. Stag / deer
  5. Fox
  6. Rabbit
  7. Hog / Pig
  8. Cow
  9. Chickens
  10. Sheep
  11. Goat
  12. Elephant
  13. Crocodile
  14. Zebra
  15. Hippopotamus
  16. Lion and Lioness
  17. Rhinoceros
  18. Golden Eagle
  19. Sparrow
  20. Seagull
  21. Great Horned Owl
  22. Duck
  23. Crow
  24. Pigeon

Those models will be organized in Themed Bundles : Animals Full Pack (gathering everything) $124.99 // Forest Animals Pack $49.99 // African Animals Pack $59.99// Farm Animals Pack $44.99// Birds Pack $54.99. Each Animal Will be available individually at $14.99 (Except Bear :$19.99)








Cheers! :slight_smile:

That’s great!

Your animations are really good and I’ll buy chicken, duck and rabbit animations. And if you will make a rat and cat animations, I’ll definitely buy them too.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Looks great! Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:

I need that Crocodile like yesterday. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re looking forward to the release of those models! not sure if we’ll ever create a cat , rat model. But we’ll take that into consideration depending on demand

Thanks! More will come (23 actually)

Bear Model is now complete and has been submitted to the UE4 Marketplace review team.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

You’ll have to wait a little bit longer. The African animals might be done after the forest and farm ones. Bird might be the ones upgraded and ported last.

Excellent. Thank you. :slight_smile:

very interested in all your animals !!
will they come with animations only, or will they have some blueprint control to have them “basicaly” working in our environments
like idle and walking /running inside a choosable navmesh we can choose ?

kind regards

I will buy some just for the animations, models are good but im not looking for something realistic :smiley: . PD: i hope you make animations for sharks, dolphins, etc…

Hey There! Thanks for your interest in those models. We only provide animated models. Our programming knowledge is limiting so we don’t provide any blueprints, sorry. You’ll have to tailor that to your own project’s needs.

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks, We most likely don’t have those animals in our to do list at the moment. Who knows what can happen depending on demand.


Hi there,

We’re currently working on the wolf. this version would be pretty similar to our fantasy wolf with a few notable differences:
1/ scaled down to a normal wolf size. about 82 cm to the shoulder. A normal big size wolf. The fantasy wolf can be used as an Alpha of the herd.
2/ expression: Fantasy wolf had an angry aggressive facial expression. This one is more relaxed for an all purpose situation.
3/ this version will have different color variations: normal fur, dark fur and polar fur


Model should be submitted fro review tomorrow…

Wolf has been submitted to the UE4 Marketplace…
Boar is in the works.

Would be awesome if in future models you guys included knock down/stunned animations. Knocked down/get up would be the huge one for rpg combat. Apologize if some of them already have them, didn’t notice on the couple I’m working with atm. Love the models though, huge help for my project.

Interesting request. While none of our animals have such animations this is something we might consider doing. At least for the ones to which it would make sense. (birds for example would be a little weird…)
Thanks for the feedback

Hah yeah, I just started doing combat in my game and I have a kick ability. Usually with those, we’ll knock the target down as an effect. Same with Shields, a Shield bash might stun/interrupt the target. Those two would cover a lot of combat effects.

and thanks for considering it!

You’re welcome. We can’t say if it’s going to be implemented any time soon. however this is a huge candidate for an update.

Boar will be submitted tomorrow. Just need to create the root motion variations… Here is the early sketchfab viewer:

wow ! keep them coming !!
i like the boar and the bear very very much.
the wolfs face/mouth just keeps me from liking it too. somehow it doesnt look as real as the other ones to me.
how many idle animations do you add to your models ?
is it possible for us buyers to add our own animations to the models ? (working with 3dsmax)
cant wait to play with them !!
kind regards

Serious work here ! Great job, gratz :wink:

On a side note, you could improve the quality for the eyes (make them more natural).