PROTOFACTOR, Inc's Animals Packs // Work in Progress

Glad you like what we have on the stove for the UE4 Marketplace. and thanks for the nice comment.
I’m not sure what the EULA is like exactly for the UE4 Marketplace, so don’t quote us on that… however I’m pretty confident you can retouch to the content as long as you’re not reselling or re distributing any part of the model itself. It HAS to be embed inside a finished product.
Adding animation to it shouldn’t be to hard since it was initially rigged with the Biped rig inside 3DS max. However you’ll only have access to the exported FBX version. We don’t provide the .max files. You’ll have to re set up everything the way you need it.

thanks for the kind words!
We might retouch to the eyes for the boar for sure. forgot that it was just the first base layer color without anything to it…

Boar has been submitted today. Next in the pipe would be either Fox or Rabbit… More to see next week! :slight_smile: Have a great week end you guys!

thx for the answers !
only one missing is the amount of idle animations you put on a model.

wouldnt it be a good thing to have the max files with the bipeds in the content ?
Otherwise it would be very hard to add animations similar to the ones you have made.
I guess that would hinder many people from buying the assets.
dont get me wrong, i love your animations. but not beeing able to add new ones isnt a practical solution.
And having to rig an already rigged model again, so the animations fit to yours is a little bit paradox in my opinion.

that said i will buy the models rig included or not, just to have them in my game :wink:
kind regards

Sorry we don’t provide the native files with the UE4 assets. But since we created the files inside 3Ds max, there is a way to bring the exported fbx version back to a biped. I will just not share that here though, sorry. this is the best way to “reverse engineer” stuff made in 3ds max… But if you can find the script to do it you won’t have to re rig entirely. Sorry for being so vague I just don’t want to have people reselling our animations through .bip…

thx again for the answers ! good to know there might be some hlep :wink:
any infos about the amount of idle animations per model would be nice.

kind regards

Most animals have , at least, 2 idle animations: idle look around and idle breathe. Depending on the animals and lso potentially the demands and requests we might add a few more. Grazers can be grazing etc… some can be laying down as well. for now, nothing sure so don’t quote me on that. So at least 2.
Rabbit is almost complete. this one has 5 idle animations. Just need to create the root motion variations and it’ll be submitted a little later today to the UE4 Marketplace.

Rabbit is ready for its today’s submission! Little cutie thing… Bang!!! here’s diner! :slight_smile:


Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi there!
Stag is on its way! :slight_smile: It’ll be able to have some company with a cute doe that will also be included in the package.
Here is the sketchfab viewer to check it out:


Cheers! :slight_smile:

and here it is! Our Stag can now mate with its doe :slight_smile:


cheers! :slight_smile:

Deer Stag and Doe package has been submitted to the UE4 Marketplace! :slight_smile:
Have a great week end! :slight_smile:
Next in the pipe will be fox. This will be the last animal of the Forest Animals Pack. The Complete Pack of 7 animals will be submitted next week once fox is finished.

Price point on the stag?

All animals will be available $14.99 individually except for the bear at $19.99.
Also, review is currently taking an eternity… we already have something like 9 or 10 characters being under review since mid May… really can’t predict when those items would hit the marketplace…

Donkey? Pack mule? Draft horse?

Not in our to do list at the moment. We have some sort of a base horse that should be released at some point… currently in the review process. It’s our unicorn and Pegasus package. Base white horse with horn and wings complimentary meshes.

Hi there!
Fox will be submitted tomorrow to the UE4 Marketplace.
Here is the Sketchfab Viewer:
Next in the pipe will be the Farm Animals Pack with the Sheep.

Nice work guys, these all look quite good.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Fox has been submitted to the UE4 Marketplace.
Forest Animals Pack has been submitted to the UE4 Marketplace. (it includes bear, boar, deer doe, deer stag, fox, rabbit and wolf) price will be $49.99

Sheep is currently in the upgrade pipe…
Cheers! :slight_smile:

Fantastic work as always, looking forward to buying the forest animals pack once it’s up!

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:
Lately the Marketplace has been really slow taking care of our submissions… We have some characters from the Fantasy series that are still waiting in line in the review process…(submitted back in mid May 2017…) We have something like 11 characters that could hit the marketplace… But when… that’s another story. You’ll have to be patient. Hopefully it’ll be faster … who knows