Protection against (physical) burglary

Hi there, i’m curious to know how you guys protect your work from burglary. i’m not talking of hacking. i’m talking of physical burglary. i found what could do it, it’s called VeraCrypt. you create encrypted disks, but i’m a bit sceptical if i should encrypt the unreal projects folder too. what do you think. is it appropriate. i mean you never know what can happen in life. how do you protect your work (and especially the projects folder). or maybe a simple windows password on users accounts could do it??

I just dont keep my important documents on a computer thats using windows, and connected to the internet. I can install Linux with hdd encryption. Though i’m sure big brother can still get it if they want it. If its so important. I wouldnt want to be encrypting decrypting so much as it can destroy or corrupt data.

99% of the time, a thief is simply going to try to flip or sell the computer as quickly as possible. Just back your stuff up and set up security cameras.

yeah, but you never know. if he sells the stuff to a friend, that knows a bit about computers, he can then sell the assets, and make money with it. or even (nightmare) sell an almost finish game. the probabilty is low, but if it happens it’s total nightmare

Nothing beats the physical destruction of a device in case of unauthorized access or tampering. Not that hard.