Pros and Cons with Behaviour Trees?


I’m just starting to implement enemies in my project and I want them to have a simple AI system.

I tried following the Behaviour Tree Quick Guide but I failed miserably after several tries. I then tried to do it on my own via blueprints and it worked smoothly.

My major question is “Why Should I use the Behaviour Tree?” when i can do it easier with blueprints? The one negative thing with blueprint AI is that it gets really messy since you can only have ONE tick event.

So if someone can tell me the pros and cons I would be really grateful. Thanks!


The behavior tree quick start guide is unfortunately a bit out-of-date, which would explain the issues that you were having while trying to set it up. The reason to use behavior trees is that they are more flexible and efficient than blueprints. If you’d like a more in-depth explanation of behavior trees, the answer to this post goes into a bit of detail: Behavior tree explanations - AI - Unreal Engine Forums
Hope that helps.

That the guide is out of date explains a lot!

So my best option currently is to find a user created guide thats is more up to date and try to learn from it. I feel like the blackboard “keys” and such are a very unintuitive system.

Since I have a deadline I’m going to stick with my soloution for now but in the future when I have more time I’m going to learn the proper way of using Behaviour trees.

Thanks for your time!