Proplem with physic material and terrain

I created footstep system using physic materials but my physic material that i use in terrain wont work?? i mean i can see terrain material but i cant hear any footsteps? i tried using that physic material with other 3d models and it worked with them

(sorry my bad english)

To be sure, you need few steps for make it working:

  1. Create list of physic materials in your project settings (physic/scroll down)

  2. create physic material assets for every single material from list - open and set what physic material from your project settings list this is

  3. set physic material to material (with landscape also you can have layers, this is harder, but see*)

  4. now make correct code to read physic material from steeps for example, I use switch

  • if you have auto terrain with layers, go to landscape/paint/select layer → right mouse click → select physical material.
    (this is from memory, if something not working I can update later.

I fixed it i changed amount of collision thickness!