Property Transfer Tool

This tool is now freely available to download on Marketplace:

It’s very simple to use:

  • Pick a ‘Source’ Blueprint.
  • Pick Target(s) from Asset Browser.
  • Pick which variables to copy.
  • Click ‘Apply’ and save.

Property Picker supports keyboard modifiers:

  • Alt + Click: Pick variable under cursor right away.
  • Ctrl + Click: Unselect selected variable.
  • Shift + Click: Multi-selection.


Nice plug in - thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


This tool is now published for Unreal 4.20+ on Marketplace :slight_smile:

When possible, I want to port it to Unreal 4.19 and 4.18 as well!

Fingers crossed… Thanks a lot Bruno… :slight_smile:

Tonight I began writing first code pass for batch copy of functions.
I’ve successfully transferred functions from Actor classes to Component classes and vice-versa…
So far so good :slight_smile:

  • Functions are supported.
  • Macros are supported.
  • Input / Output parameters are copied.
  • Local variables also transfer successfully.
  • Aaannnd… Function nodes + pin connections are copied too YAY:
    Transfer Function (new tab)

Copied function with local variables

Preserved input/output variables

Function Graph successfully duplicated

Macro Graph successfully duplicated

Functions / Macros? Get outta here Bruno…
Next you’ll be telling us Timelines copy too …:stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, this is beyond awesome dude!!!..

Transfer functions… TRANSFER. FUNCTIONS. Wow… I need an icecream…

lol I confess wasn’t expecting that to work at all…
If Epic didn’t expose the Kismet command to Compile Blueprints through C++ external (plugin) classes that would’ve turn into a mess.

Now I’m bug hunting and soon starting port for UE4.19 :slight_smile:

Wow Bruno, now you are taking the tool to the next level - awesome updates :slight_smile:

Okay, bashed all bugs I knew of, ported plugin to Unreal 4.19 and 4.18… (updated 4.20 as well)

I did not create a custom layout for the new tabs, so for the first time you execute the tabs from Toolbar button, “Function Transfer” tab will spawn exactly same size and place of “Property Transfer” tab (behind it);
Just manually drag them tabs to share the same Editor window :]

Note about transferred Macros & Macro calls:

I am unable to replace Macro calls from within Function Graphs.
That means that whenever you copy a Function that contains calls to a Macro, you later have to replace that Macro call to the new one, otherwise Editor will complain about “external linked graphs” (can’t save blueprint, blah blah).

For example:

  • *BP_MyActor *has *MyFunction *and *MyMacro *in it.
  • Transferred *MyFunction *to BP_MyComponent.
  • Transferred *MyMacro *to BP_MyComponent.
  • The call to *MyMacro *within *BP_MyComponent *will still call the Macro from *BP_MyActor *instead of calling the new one in BP_MyComponent.
  • So, replace *MyMacro *node call with the new *MyMacro *within *BP_MyComponent *and everything be fine. Now BP_MyComponent can be saved and works without issues.

The issue above doesn’t apply to Function node calls, just Macros (as long all the called function nodes do exist on Blueprint you did transfer the function graph calling these nodes).

Thank You for Your work !!


If you Click then (Shift+Click) the Property / Function picker upwards, you can multi Shift+Click your list of variables, skipping groups while keeping previous selection groups picked.

Update with Function Transfer tool is now available on Marketplace; for UE4.18+


<Feels like Christmas at Halloween… Overdosing on Free stuff atm> :cool:

This has been sorrowfully missing in the editor until now and **greatly **improves fast prototyping (e.g. you start with a couple of variables in your PlayerController or Pawn and before you know it you have dozens of them and a graph full of functions that would be better placed in a component).


Agree. And, speaking of Components: what could be recommended tutorial, resource, about forming BP Component - elements?

Not sure about tutorials, Epic had some on the technical aspects of how to use those, but I imagine you’d be hard pressed to find any that will go into general compartmentalization principles in programming, i.e. when to use them.

Ideally, you would plan your systems in advance and lay out what functionality to place in what classes or components, though admittedly, Blueprint is a great tool to do just that - plan and prototype your game logic and later either refactor and reorganize (e.g. into components) or rewrite in C++ code.

In general, while still learning and especially when working on a project with no clear development path, you will frequently find some elements of your gameplay logic outgrow in complexity what you initially anticipated, at which point moving them into their own components or classes is the best approach, both, in terms of reusability (same code for several types of actors) as well as for clarity (e.g. it is that much easier to manage / debug / modify / extend a “Health System” component in your character, that organizes all variables and functions related to that aspect, than it would be to hunt those down in the base class which at some point would grow into a big pile of …everything).

Blueprint reorganization such as this is now, luckily, much less manual labor - thanks to BrUnO’s plugin here.

Epic just released plugin for Unreal 4.21 :slight_smile:

Ah thats really cool!