Property of ParticleSystemComponent not update on hot reload

  1. Create a object of UParticleSystemComponent and keep it as a member in c++.
  2. Assign the value of false to the property of ‘bAutoActivate’.
  3. Create a Blueprint class based on step1 (select a particle template for the component, after that you will see nothing happened, that’s right)
  4. Open c++ file for updating, update the property of ‘bAutoActivate’ by using the opposite value.
  5. If everything work well, you will see the performance of particle in the blueprint viewport, but get nothing.(After I reselect a new particle template, the result is also the same)

Hey cave_zf_586-

Based on the reproduction, the behavior here is the same as what you reported in your other post (The update of c++ is not in sync with blueprint - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums) . This all falls under the bug mentioned there (Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-43856)) as a hot reload issue. Thank you for letting us know about this instance as well.