Property Matrix - Materials

Hello, it seems as the Property Matrix has disappeared from the materials. The Property Matrix works with any other type however, such as textures, static meshes etc.

Is this a bug, or has it been moved somewhere else?

Hi Rayts5,

This actually is a bug that has already been reported with UE-15875. Currently it’s assigned to an engineer to be investigated. At the moment it’s backlogged so there is no definitive time frame for when this will be resolved.

Thanks for taking the time to report this.


Uh, don’t know if this was the case in 4.9 but in 4.10.2 it is now acheived through the:
right-click-> Asset Actions->Bulk Edit via Property Matrix…

I cant see this menu for materials in 4.11.2


Shubes may be referring to static meshes or other assets in the CB for editing their properties, but materials have explicitly been removed from being editable via the Bulk Edit Properties. These may be brought back in the future but it’s currently marked as part of our backlog.

Okey, I can see why. It is because the correct workflow for changing parameters on multiple materials would be to inherit from Master material or use Material Parameters. Thank you for a quick answer.

Hi - how is this coming along? Be great to be able to update multiple Parents of materails in one go, or change a group of materials that had Translucent back to Masked…

On 4.15 it still doesn’t seem possible?


Listed as “Won’t Fix”.

Not all tickets and feature requests entered will be fixed. With Source availability, everyone does have the ability to add these features if we choose not to do so.

So I have to open my +1000 meshes and drag my material in the material slot for each model?