Proper way to substract light

Hi! I want to develop the flashlight for my 2.5d platformer. And I want visible light. I found proper bluerprint - 1.4 - Custom Spotlight | Unreal Engine Documentation. I have inserted it in my player Blueprint as child actor. But, because the visible light is simulated through mesh, it has the following problem - 159cdacdac18980610fb6ca1d69a324ee3776169.jpeg
The mesh of the light is visible through object. In this situation I just can resize blueprint on collide or use substraction (as I think) but in more complex situation (where the light is on some object and must be deformed) it will be difficult. Maybe there are some more proper ways for creating such visible (volumetric, I think) light to simulate the light behaviour? Or maybe any tips on problem?

You can’t do that type of thing with a mesh, resizing is possible against a big flat surface, but in more complex shadows it’s not going to work. You would need to code some type of render effect to be able to do it. Doing dynamic volumetrics for that type of thing is something they want to work on at some point, but it’s not specifically scheduled for development.

Thank you! Can you suggest some materials related to that theme (about writing render effects or so?) And I have another question. Can I manipulate vertices on some mesh though code or bluerpint. I’m interested in removing.

Is it possible to change game object geometry at runtime? Manipulate vertices?

The issue isn’t manipulating the vertices, it’s a case that the geometry that the light can collide with can be very different which would require adding vertices and stuff like that—similar to how decals work.

Ok! I was thinking about one algorithm, but you’re right, I’ll need adding vertices… Can you suggest some materials related to that theme (about writing render effects or so?)