Proper way to replicate Oculus Quest hand tracking


iam on Unreal 4.26 (Launcher version) and iam trying to replicate the hand tracking for an multiplayer experience. My pawn has a body and two motioncontrollers which are being replicated nicely. Now I added the Oculus hand components, for the left and right hand and it works only for my locally controlled pawn. The other players can’t see my gestures, the only thing being replicated is the hands position but not the animations/gestures. Checking “Component Replicates” didn’t help at all. Any ideas?

My pawn:


I haven’t played with the hand tracking yet, but in general, you need to make sure the oculus hand components have replication code inside them.

If they do not, you need to either add it yourself (in the C++ code driving the components) or make make a Server-side RPC in your pawn that will replicate the position of your fingers to the server, the server saves those positions to a replicated variable, that gets replicated to clients and they set the proper positions of fingers locally.

Of course, the proper replication code within the actual component would be much preferable, but this would work as a workaround.

I will be playing with the Oculus hands in the coming weeks and I’m also planning for them to be Multiplayer-capable, so I’ll be able to help you more later this month :slight_smile:

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Hey @SpaiceVR & @tommybazar ! Have you guys managed to figure out handtracking in a multiplayer environment?

Hope you can shine a light on the topic for me!

Thank you!