Proper Margin Settings for 2D Assets?

I’ve been trying to setup some UI Elements using UMG using pretty industry standards of 9 slicing assets, but I can’t seem to get the margins set right. I’ve seen a bunch of posts about 9 Slicing assets being super weird in UMG, or it just not being supported… what’s the story/what are good margin settings for your standard ‘rounded corners’ box?

Epic: some sort of Margins setting in the texture setup (import settings) info would be nice, and for that to fall through to Image components (margin settings) when that texture is used would be super, super nice.

If anyone has anything helpful that would be great!

For reference I’m just loading an image of a box with rounded corners and trying to get it to draw properly (sliced) at different sizes on-screen, ends up getting weird along the edges every time. And I’ve set the UI group, mipmaps, all the import settings I have access too to what they should be.

The margins are the normalized divisions of the texture; e.g. where does it slice along the left, top, right and bottom sides of the image, creating 9 slices.

A margin of 0.25, 0.25, 0.25, 0.25; on a 100x100 brush would result in corners that were 25 pixels large, the sides would be 25x____ or _____x25, depending on vertical or horizontal, and the remaining center area 50x50 pixels would stretch across the widget’s remaining surface.

I don’t understand why we’ve been given this system where we’ve had simple visual guides since the days of Flash (yes, even the Macromedia versions).

We’re artists using images, we’re not mathematicians who have it easy and can work out the proper ratio of an image. 9slicing is essential for mobile UI, you need to make this easier for us.

Editing margin is still difficult to work with in UMG. Please add some visual indicators to show where the “margin” slicing is.