proper foliage for terrain

I’m trying to get realistic foliage based on plants near where I live. I made 4 different types and dispersed them on a small landscape. I want to get the feel of games like Vanishing of Ethan Carter but I feel like I’m doing something wrong. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

forum pic 2.jpg

forum pic1.jpg

If you want to download it and walk around go here:
‘G’ key changes the time of day and “alt+enter” turns on oculus rift if you have it.

  1. enable shadows
  2. create a material with more variation ->
  3. dont use one mesh over big parts of the landscape -> the high brown grass
  4. add some trees and more bushes
  5. add a higher size variation
  6. place the vegetation like in the real nature → e.g in a forest under a big tree you wont find many big ground plant,… :slight_smile:

Wow, Thank you. All those tips seem pretty obvious now. That blog is a great resource. Thanks for the feedback.

Just another small thing -> instead of using a texture which only has some few, separate grass blades, I would recommend you to create something like this, because it will look more realistic:


Also make sure that you have a nice wind effect (still downloading the project ^^ -> takes some time )

I did just that with all the grass ones. I did not think to have multiple different grasses in the same texture file though. Also, I’d be curious to know what kind of fps you get if you have the time.

I get a pretty good performance with this grass :slight_smile:


wow, that looks amazing. How did you blend your grass so well into your texture?

What do you exactly mean? :slight_smile: -> The 3d artist of our game Caede made the grass: He took some pictures of grass blades from outside and then he patched them together in gimp -> like in the upper picture

Short note:
the red line in the picture above shows where the character is :smiley:

Like this.


EDIT: Sorry If it’s really dark. I’ll try to get a better one when I get home.

Probably this will help you: :slight_smile:

Yeah, I read that thread but they didn’t really have a good way of doing it. That essentially took a snapshot from above and matched the color with the coordinates of the textures. If you paint on any new layers or change anything it won’t work. I’m looking for a way to reference the layer painted on the terrain at a specific location. I may be in over my head with this one.