Proper decal replication for footprints

Hello, I am fairly new to Unreal Engine 4 and I am trying to create footprints that spawn directly below my characters feet and appear on the landscape, that all clients on a server can see. After reading, I thought a boolean with repnotify replication would be best for my scenario.

This is the On Rep function for my IsFootstep boolean, where true is the right footprint and false is the left footprint. Right and left foot arrows refer to the arrows that I put under my character’s feet in the character viewport, from where I directly spawn a line trace in order to attach the footprint decal.

My character’s animation blueprint. This is where I get my IsFootstep values from.

Footprints work locally for everyone (specifically for 2 people, my servers so far only can take up to 2 people). My client can see both his own and the host’s footprints. The problem is that the host, however, only see his own footprints and not the client’s. There is no line tracing below client’s feet going on from host’s perspective either. What could be the cause of this? Any suggestions for fixes? Thanks!

You rely on them being replicated copy of footsteps or they just need to exist on every client? if they just need to exist, the visuals, it’s a lot easier to make them appear every time when foot hit a ground on any character.

How should I do that?

first from google Footprint Tutorial Unreal Engine 4 Part 1 - YouTu

That was my original setup, but I was not able to figure out how to replicate it so everyone could see each other’s footprints

i not gonna watch whole video series, make a screenshots of your setup