Proper android VR mesh/texture setting?

Hi, I’m currently building a VR project for android,

unfortunately after 1-3 minutes my app always crash/force stop on my device.
everything is fine when using the VR example scene,
but as i insert a new textured mesh, the problem always happened.
I don’t know if this problem caused by the mesh or the texture,
i’ve played with mesh/texture/material setting, followed the Unreal texture guideline,
even unlit material with no light gave no luck :frowning:

my mesh only consist of 400 polys, 591 verts with 1 material with texture only sized 1028x1028.
compared to the VR example scene with high poly mesh, but no texture. So I suspect the problem is with the texture. but i don’t know what/why/how.

update: it seems the problem is the imported static mesh, I made a simple scene consists of basic unreal boxes/cubes with custom material, it works fine. Still couldn’t figure out the problem tho T.T