Promoted Build 4.8 BreakPoint when hovering for tooltip

I keep getting this breakpoint hit when working in the editor in the 4.8 promoted build:

The issue occurs when you hover over any of the component tooltips:

You can however step through the breakpoint and safely return to working through the edit, you just have to nimbly dodge hovering over anything with a tooltip it seems.

To replicate just create a brand new blank C++ code project open the editor get into play mode and then eject and click something, I clicked DefaultPawn, then go to the component section and hover over one of the components, if the first component doesn’t kick the error try the rest of them.

Hey Cidubic,

Which changelist specifically are you referring to? We’ve had quite a few promoted builds in 4.8 and I want to make sure I’m looking at the same build.

It was the one that was released 4 days ago by the bot.

[Promoted CL 2446589 in Main branch]

Okay yes, I see what you’re referring to. This is an ensure, which still triggers a breakpoint but doesn’t crash the editor. We should definitely have it fixed before that CL is included in a release build, but ensures are handled by the editor and usually aren’t fatal.