Promote front view for Metahuman jumps frames each time

When I import my footage file to create a metahuman identity, and then go to select my “front, left and right view” - the selection jumps to a random frame instead. I’ve tried importing in various ways but each time it doesn’t select the frame I have chosen, but instead jumps to another. Am I missing a setting or something? How can I fix this so it selects and keeps the frame I have chosen?

Could you check the image sequence files on Windows Explorer? If you open the folder where the images are saved, they are usually named sequencentially starting with video_000000.jpg.

Do you see any gaps in the numbers? If that is the case, try to delete all the images and import the footage again. This should solve the issue

I’m not using an image sequence, I imported directly from Live link for metahuman animator through Unreal engine. I haven’t seen anyone mention a requirement for the file to be an image sequence. Is that the case? Do I need to convert the video to image sequence and then import?

The Capture Manager tool will break the video in an image sequence as well as create a camera calibration file that is required for the MetaHuman Identity Solve step and for the MetaHuman Performance to work. Manually importing is possible but very error prone as you need to wire all the assets with the correct parameters and connections. We recommend that you use the Capture Manager when importing the footage.

I did that. I imported through the correct channels and am still getting this error. How else can I trouble shoot?

I;'m also getting this issue. I’ve checked and the frames all look to be there in the folder. Mainly getting this when trying to set the teeth pose? I have not had an instance where i do not get this? really confused as to what is going on. this is my second attempt with completely new footage.

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I had the same problem, as well as other bugs while testing out MHA. My solution was to make a new project and do the entire MHA process there. Sometimes bugs pop up in a certain project and tend to stay there, don’t really know why. Afterwards you can migrate your facial animation to your main project. A bit of a workaround but it get’s the job done.

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thank you! I will try that, sounds similar to c4d… sometimes the program just starts messing with you

Got the same problem here, but migrating from project to project seem a little bit tedious. Did anyone get any luck trying to this bug ?

Following @mcleary tip I deleted ALL FRAMES but the ones I decided to use for FRONT, RIGHT, LEFT. Renamed them sequentially and back in UE was left with a simple 3 frame video that worked well.
(frames need to be deleted in both “Video_Frames” and “Depth_Frames” folder).

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