Projection Tolerance from Physics Constraint no longer available in UE5?

I’m trying to make an interactable door (e.g like the ones in Amnesia) following an online course which uses UE4. In order to prevent the door from swinging from one way to the other in a very unnatural manner the course asks you to use Projection Angular Tolerance. I looked at the documentation and this is not addressed as to why it’s no longer a part of UE5.

Could someone shed some light on this please?
Attached a photo comparing the Detail window from UE5 and UE4


I know this is from June. This is a problem I am having as well. Seeing as it’s been a while. Have you found a working method? I cant find UE documentation on any changes to this.

Must have written this about a thousand times.

You don’t use physics unless you have to.

A door doesn’t qualify.
Use player input or a timeline.

And tick the angular limit box option. It may just show the value to enter.

Thats not even remotly acceptable advice. I am using Physics by choice because I am developing a game that uses “Grab” mechanics. If you’re not familiar with the concept, then perhaps research it? Yes I am being a bit condescending because your comment is a bit condescending and you presume to understand what it is everyone needs on why. Perhaps a “Simple” timeline works for you and your game dev methods and perhaps some of is can handle a bit of a challenge and want to do something a bit original or at least not so common. I solved the problem just fine and the issue had nothing to do with “Clicking” anything it was because those of us familiar with UE4 (at least in my case) could not find linear projection tolerance and it was changed to Alpha. Which somebody else on the forum generously explained to others and me. while I’m sure the OP appreciates your input; You’re not being helpful by not helping with the question but presuming you personally know what’s best for everyone. My Door came out amazing and works EXACTLY the way it was supposed to. Don’t have to “Settle” for anything else.

And in VR grab is not “direct Input” right? But he’s the one that has to learn the engine, right?
Here’s an idea. let’s just flag you for violating the terms and conditions.