Projecting light with textures.

So i’m trying to make a projector actor blueprint, i cant use spot light because its limited to circles but the rect light is also of not working for me. i fixed the texture moving it so it was centered, by default it wasnt centered, but the main issue is my light affecting everything else around me even with barn door. if the intensity is too high then when i build the project the light will be so strong it will even turn things behind the barn door into glowing objects bright like the sun. I don’t know how to go about this becomming similar to UE4 - Projector - YouTube .
Im also getting this, it can be solved by making the barn door go all the way to the wall but i don’t see that as a realistic solution since it wouldn’t work if the projector was tilted…

idk if its something called clamp on that picture or how to fix it.

so nobody knows a fix to this

What about IES light profiles or light functions?

oh, its already a light function