projecting cement texture (from quixel bridge) to entire city model, how to do?

Hello all you talented unreal artist.

I’m doing a project where I have to have an entire city model have the same cement texture I donwloaded from quixel bridge.

Unfortunately when I drag the texture onto the city model, the whole model doesn’t assume the texture like a regular cube or plane, im guessing cause it’s not UV unwrapped.

How do I project the quixel texture on the entire city model? I know you can do this in Blender, but all my shots are in unreal engine and projecting the material in blender and reimporting the entire city model in unreal sounds like a lot of work and lost work from my previous shots.

How have you done this?

I’m afraid you do have to give the city model correct UVs, or break it into meshes with good UVs.

I doubt you’d get a city model looking good with just one material though.

Thanks ClockworkOcean.

Question, cause I’m pretty new at this. How do I give the city model the correct UV, or break it into separate meshes with good UVs? Is that pretty time consuming in which case I’d be better off going into blender and projecting the texture on the city?

I’m using a free city model I found, do you think If I paid for more expensive models they’d be UV mapped? Not sure how I would know that from models on turbosquid etc.

Models should have UVs in my opinion, but I don’t use much from these external source due to what I did get so far being ■■■■. I’ve always found stuff from turbosquid and the like very disappointing actually.

Yes, you would have to setup the UVs yourself, if there are none.

You may also find, with stuff that comes from places like that, the model is not game ready. IE, way too many polygons.