Projecting a POM mesh decal onto a surface

In my project, I’m using simple deferred decals for bullet impacts. However, they don’t work on translucent materials, e.g. glass.

One workaround I came up with is to use POM mesh decals. This looks good, doesn’t kill performance (if done in a clever way) and, basically, solves at least one of the numerous issues with UE4’s decals.

However, I still haven’t figured out a way of properly “projecting” them onto target surface. Because it’s a static mesh that has to be attached to another mesh, calculating the rotation is a little more complex than what I’m using for simple decals. This is the code that I use to calculate the rotation for simple deferred decals:

(FHitResult.ImpactNormal * -1.0f).Rotation()

So, it works well for deferred decals, but not for mesh decals. Which is why I need to figure out how to properly calculate the Y axis(pitch) for the mesh decal rotation. For other planes, the output X(roll) and Z(yaw) values from the above code fit well.

I’m attaching a screenshot of the expected result. I’ve corrected the pitch on these manually, in order to illustrate the desired outcome.

Any help will be much appreciated!