Projectiles sometimes don't do the overlap event while playing under high quality

I am currently making a third-person shooter game that can be played with LAN.
However I’ve encountered a problem is that the projectiles don’t work as I expect.

In fact,everything goes just fine if the game is played under the lowest quality.
The projectiles explode and do damage correctly when they hit the enemy.
But if I raise the quality,they will sometimes just fly through the enemy and do no damage, no explosion.
It’s pretty confusing that the projectiles sometime miss and sometimes don’t.
Though it can still work properly if I let the projectiles have a super low flying speed,I just don’t want to.
I expect the projectiles can fly with a speed over 5000.

How can I solve this problem?

In your projectile collision, have you tried turning on CCD? (Continuous collision detection)

I didn’t turn on CCD before,but after I do so,it doesn’t seem to help.