Projectiles Pack


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Destroy everything you touch.**

This package contains 20 projectiles:

**• Homing missile
• Multi-missile
• Smoke grenade
• Explosive grenade
• Toxic grenade
• Black hole generator
• Orbital laser beam
• Orbital kinetic strike
• Microdestructors missile
• Bullet
• Plasma ball
• Railgun projectile
• Flamethrower
• Teleport
• Interceptor missile
• Blade swarm
• Prizmatic arrow
• Bombardment
• Time bomb
• ECM Strike **

You can easily customize projectiles, change their payloads(how about explosive bullet?) and make your own projectiles, which will be able to work with them by using interfaces.
You also get 3d models of rockets, bullets and grenades as well as modified first person character blueprint, flying pawn and many more.

**Technical Details: **

List of Blueprints:
• Homing missile
• Multi-missile
• Smoke grenade
• Explosive grenade
• Toxic grenade
• Black hole generator
• Orbital laser beam
• Orbital kinetic strike
• Microdestructors missile
• Bullet
• Plasma ball
• Railgun projectile
• Flamethrower
• Teleport
• Interceptor missile
• Blade swarm
• Prizmatic arrow
• Bombardment
• Time bomb
• ECM Strike
• Shooting range target
• Cratos - flying pawn
• Strategic AI Pod
• Modified first person character
• Shake blueprints
• Interfaces for projectiles
• Payloads for projectiles
• Blueprints for projectiles models: bullets, rockets, grenades
• Destructible sphere
• Rotator
• UI blueprints
• Save/Load blueprints

Number of Blueprints: 84
Number of Effects: 25
Number of Materials: 27
Number of Meshes: 29
**Number of Textures: **82
Number of Audio tracks: 11
Number of Audio Cues: 9
Documentation Included: Yes, inside showcase level

Free demo:

Support Email:

**Please leave 5-star feedback in Unreal Engine marketplace, if you like this project.
It will give me motivation to make new projectiles for you. **

Amazing pack and amazing presentation.

Wanted to thank you for such a great package!

  1. Awesome PRICE!
  2. I was able to easily migrate and use in my project within the hour - you did such an outstanding job of laying out the BluePrints and it was so modular and easy to swap out the projectiles!
  3. Every projectile has a payload and sound effects, etc.
  4. What’s next? Can’t wait to see more from you!

With this pack - I can truly scream “LET THE DESTRUCTION BEGIN!”

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate this.
Next I’m planning to add new projectiles in future updates. Maybe I will start working on Projectiles Pack vol. 2 or on another content pack.

Firstly, awesome pack, great price and the demo level is a great idea to “sell” the product. Just 3 things - the sound of the basic gun (and maybe other weapons) come from the point of impact with a surface and not from the gun itself - so when you fire at a target a long way away it is silent (becomes the sound of the impact is too far away to hear) - should there not also be a firing sound - is that how it is meant to be? Also, is it easy to stop or minimise all the screen movement when a rocket fires? it made me pretty dizzy. And finally, in the demo there seemed to be an issue with collisions for the rockets when I was in the target practise room - wherever I shot, the rocket blew up in my face. Even when I got near the door to exit the room and walked halfway out and shot outside into the sky it exploded in my face - I had to be a good 3 meters outside the room before the rocket actually shot off into the distance. Anyway, just 3 points, but overall an amazing pack…

Yes, there is only an impact sound for bullet, because it’s a projectiles pack and not a weapons pack. Different rifles may shoot with different sounds, so you have to implement it by yourself.

You can minimize shake by change settings in certain shake blueprint for desired projectiles.

About rocket - is that was an interceptor missile? Maybe it’s all because of collision settings(interceptor missiles have they own collision preset) and I’ll try to fix that in the next update.

How would you set this up with different weapons? Most weapons packs are BP’s themselves and use line traces for the projectiles with the ability to add a projectile mesh. I’m using the realistic blueprint weapons pack and it works the way I just outlined. I can’t see a way that you can add a projectile that is a BP.

You can set up meshes from projectiles pack, like bullets, in your realistic blueprint weapons. But I think, if you want to add support of blueprints in realistic blueprint weapons pack, you should rewrite a lot of blueprint code in it. Or you should contact with developer of this pack and ask him to add a support of blueprints.
Projectiles pack implements projectiles blueprints in a way, when you just need to spawn projectile(look at first person character blueprint for example) to make things work. It means that all projectile logic, like line trace for target and applying damage are inside it and you don’t need to implement this logic again in your weapons. But you can change this approach if you want, by adapting code from different packs on your own needs by yourself(because different packs may be incompatible with others, or implements the same functionality).

Projectiles pack now supports Unreal Engine 4.12

I started to work on first update(Projectiles Pack 1.1), which will bring new projectiles to you(up to 5, depends on many factors).

The first projectile, which I want to introduce you is the Blade Swarm. It allows you to summon N amount of blades, which will turn an enemy into a pillow for needles. This projectile also has homing capabilities.
Generally speaking, instead of blades there could be any other mesh. You can also control different parameters to change initial shape of the swarm, amount of blades, different offsets and so on.
Also I added a blade with 2 materials for this projectile - normal, which you can use in any conditions, and special, which will be used by this projectile.

And finally here’s the WIP video for this projectile. New projectiles coming soon. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I will be glad to hear them.

Prizmatic Arrow is here!
As always, you can change number of rays and bounces, payload, etc.

Low poly stealth bomber for upcoming bombardment projectile.




Airstrike ready to launch!

Tweakable parameters:
Distance between bombers
Bombs count
Bomber’s flying height
Bomber’s flying height random offset
Bombers count
Bombs launch interval
Bomber’s speed
Bomber’s decrease/increase speed animations

So - personally I would like to see the following -

  1. Tracer fire - Pretty self explanatory :slight_smile:
  2. Flak AA Fire - These typically resemble black puffs of smoke but are really full of shrapnel. See that video for examples ->

I want to share mine, included with projectiles Pixel-Poster-640.jpg

Thanks for suggestions! I’ll definitely try to make them in further updates(for this update I already have projectiles list to develop).

Freeze your enemies with time bomb!

You can easily change duration and post process effects to make your own look of the game, when time is freezed.

ECM(electronic countermeasures) strike now will protect you from enemies missiles.
Interrupt normal projectile movement by using this new projectile.
Right now there is no area of effect(maybe will do this in the next update, if someone will need this) and all projectiles, which implements homing missile interface will be affected.

Update is ready!
I’ve sent email with updated project to Marketplace team, so I hope it will be released soon.

Take 5 stars from me!
Awsome job!
Are you planing to make multiplayer in your projectiles pack?