Projectiles Pack [WIP]

Projectiles Pack

Project now is online:

List of projectiles:
• Homing missile
• Multi-missile
• Smoke grenade
• Explosive grenade
• Toxic grenade
• Black hole generator
• Orbital laser beam
• Orbital kinetic strike
• Microdestructors missile
• Bullet
• Plasma ball
• Railgun projectile
• Flamethrower
• Teleport
• Interceptor missile

I would be grateful for the feedback.

**Please leave 5-star feedback in Unreal Engine marketplace, if you like this project.
It will give me motivation for further improvements. **

Really awesome work on these :smiley:

homing missile plasma particles O.o thats amazing!

Thanks! If you know really impressive sci-fi weapon of mass destruction(or at least it’s tactical variant), I could try to create it :slight_smile:

Nuke Nuke!

Okay, today I want to show you my progress in implementation of multi-missile projectile. You can add any type of payload into it, set the number of rockets, etc.
Next goal is to create black hole generator. And of course I’m planning to make a nuke :smiley:
Right now I’m making only a basic version of projectiles and I want to make them more realistic in final version. Maybe then I could publish it into marketplace?

Why not?
Looking great so far :slight_smile:

holy cow this looks great

cool :):slight_smile:

Looking forward to buy this stunning package.

Finally I found some time to complete first version of black hole generator. It was really hard to find out how sounds black hole(because no one actually knows how :D). Anyway it’s not a final variant and maybe I will find something better.
Next goal is to create some common projectiles for usual weapons, like bullets and grenades.

It has been half a month since the last post. As always, I didn’t have a lot of free time. I spent it mostly by studying new technologies. But anyway, I will complete this project at any cost :slight_smile:
Currently I’m working on quality of SFX. For example on screenshot below you can see new version of smoke trails. I’m planning to add different 3d models of projectiles, which you can be able to use in your games. Also I have to write documentation, add new types of projectiles, test everything, etc. I think I need 1-2 months to complete this project, given the time which I have.
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Good god those were satisfying explosions, amazing work!

Hi Kelheor

[FONT=Arial Black]✇ **
I love russian explosions!**
How much it will cost?

luny[FONT=Arial Black]:v:

Don’t know right now, but not too much I think. Maybe around 10-20$. Depends on final result.

Hi Kelheor

You already have a sale
Take my money!!! [FONT=Arial Black]:relaxed:


Today I’ve added new models for bullets, grenades, rockets.
Every bullet type has 3 variations.
Final quality of the models depends on lighting, so with proper settings they will look better(for example with good HDRi image).
I’m planning to add showcase room, where you can be able to learn everything about projectiles and try them.


Hello again!

In video below you can see new version of basic explosions.
I’ve added shockwaves, sparks, shrapnel(which can collide with other objects) and did some other improvements.
Also you can see some other projectiles, which will be in projectiles pack.

@Kelheor You amaze me at every shot!:slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll try to not disappoint you in future :slight_smile: