Projectiles going through mesh and bsp

So I made a projectile, which is basically a sphere with hit and overlap events on it, and a pawn collision mode as of now, I tried many collisions and this is the closest I get to what I want.
The projectile has no gravity and a slow and steady pace, think of it like bullet bill from mario.
My issue is that I want this projectile to hit/explode on BSP and meshes detecting collision with them, but it ALWAYS goes through, the only way I found out that could solve this is by inputting physics and gravity on it, then it recognizes the collision with both meshes and BSP, but I wanted to find another way to do it, I don’t want the projectile to be affected by gravity.

Most of the people asking this in here don’t get any answers at all… can you guys help me?

Hello tariktakasu,

Do you have your CharacterMovement set to “Flying?” If so have you tried moving away from flying and have them walking instead. I found another post with a user that was having much of the same issue. Changing from “Flying” to “walking” seems to have fixed his issue.

well yeah everything is walking, I have hit correct collisions with any and all actors, it just passes through static meshes and bsp for some random reason, and that’s also unless I activate physics. Is it expected behavior?

Would you be willing to share a test project where the collision is passing through static meshes and bsp’s. I do not believe this is expected behavior but I would also like to check how you have your projectile set up.

To do this you can post a link to Dropbox that includes your ( .uproject, and your " Content " and " Config " folders.) You can either link these files here or you can send me a private message on the Forums. To do that navigate to the advanced search on the forums. From there, type in my name in the " User Name " tab. From there you can send me a private message.

the unzipped one failed on some files, but the main ones inside the Blueprints folder did get to pass. I passed a zipped one just in case it bugs out.
So the first one is unzipped with some failed files and the other one is a .rar with everything ok.

So, you will need physics in order to account for collision. Without physics an object cannot account for a physical event. IE hitting a wall/bouncing/explosion.

pardon my dumbness, but I tried setting physics by emulating them on the object properties in the capsule collision… that only results on the same, even with gravity simulated, is there another way to it?

how fast is your projectile moving? Ive noticed before that if its speed/velocity is too high it moves too quickly for things to recognize the collision. Also, try adding a sphere collider to the outside(if you havent already) with the collision presets set to block all


The reason your collision was not functioning as you expected was because you did not parent your Sphere Static Mesh to your Sphere Collision. Also, you’ll need to make your Sphere Collision your root component for that actor. Finally, to ensure that the projectile is destroyed when it comes into contact with the ground, use Event Hit instead of ActorBeginOverlap. Here is an image of the Projectile blueprint with the changes I have made:

Feel free to ask any questions regarding this setup, or let me know if this does not work out for you.

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Still going trough walls, only on certain locations on the walls.

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Hello, i know this is a couple years old post, but i found it when searching for a similar problem however mine was in 2d, and my projectiles were going through my enemy actors but only when they were standing still. Was bashing my head trying to find a solution to the problem for the past couple of days, and finally came to a solution today. If you set your physics to be enabled but disable gravity since you don’t want that, and put collision to Block All on your projectile that seemed to solve my issues idk about yours. GL HF hope this helps to you or maybe others who may have had similar issues to yours or mine

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