Projectile not generating on hit events

I’ve made a simple projectile using blueprint and have placed a couple box meshes in the level and enabled physics on them. The projectile uses this blueprint:

When everything goes correctly it works fine. The problem is the projectile frequently does not generate Hit events and just bounces off the box. Collision is being detected somewhere if it’s bouncing, but it isn’t generating Hit events. This seems to happen more often when colliding at an angle, but I could be wrong.

I’ve probably missed something somewhere. Any help is appreciated.

I have exactly the same problem. And tried various setups to fix this.

But unfortunately I could not.

It might be a better solution to do a single line trace when you spawn the projectile to find where it will hit. And make the projectile follow the traced path. Once it reaches the end point let it destroy itself and deal damage.

Bumping this because I require an answer too.

Hello Rad Wayne,

I hope you are well.

Have you tried hooking “destroy actor” to the False pin of your branch?

It might be because when the condition fails, that there is no destroy actor, there for it uses physics (if you have physics enabled) to then bounce the projectile.

The other issue is because the conditional statement relies on a bone name called “None” and checks is physics is being simulated.

If an object doesn’t have physics or a bone name of “None” then it would also fail on the branch statement, where no action is carried out.

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