Projectile hits my actor who is the instigator

Hello there,

I´m trying to spawn a projectile from a socket from my actor head and that socket is not overlapping my actor mesh. When there is no movement, it shots fine forward but when my actor starts moving forward the projectile fired hit it. So the weird thing here is, the socket moves along with the mesh of the actor, so it shouldn’t hit my actor right? Or might be something else?

There will always be a delay there. Collision will depend on how fast the projectile and the character are moving.

You can spawn the projectile further in front of the head socket, maybe even basing the distance on the velocity.

You can try something like this.

Or you can start your projectile with collision turned off and then turn it on quickly after it spawns.


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Thanks, i also checked this video here - - YouTube it is also a solution for this issue.