Projectile at mouse location

Hello. I’m currently struggling with the blueprint to allow a projectile to spawn at the cursor location, but limit cursor to a confined box within the viewport.
Think of it as a vehicle driving and shooting things the mouse clicks on. In other words the vehicles direction does not need to match the projectile direction. Trying to lock the aiming x,y to about 1/4th the screen size.
I’ve built multiple different styles of this but failed each time :frowning:

The car is still driving forward but you can turn inside the car and you want the projectiles spawn where your cursor is? But your camera have to be locked to a small box so instead of a full 360 view you want 90?

Have you tried to create a aim offset?

If you’re having trouble animating the vehicle movement and the shooting animation, then an aim offset could help you blend the two when you need to.

There’s also the issue of shooting the projectile at the mouse location.

I found this video that solves both issues with blueprints here:

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