Project World Location To Widget Position not working when i move

when I stand still, my widget is displayed correctly and moves as it should, but when I start to move, my widget moves greatly in the direction in which I am moving, here is a video of this bug and the code for the function that moves my widget

bool UWidgetDuelShooterFunctionLibrary::MoveWidgetByRotator(APlayerController* Owner, FRotator NewWidgetLocation, UWidget* Widget)
	if (!Owner || !Widget)
		return false;

	FVector2D NewOffset;
	// Convert rotator for forward vector function
	// Pitch = Move widget by Y axis
	// Yaw = Move widget by X axis
	auto DoesWork = UWidgetLayoutLibrary::ProjectWorldLocationToWidgetPosition(Owner, Owner->GetPawn()->GetActorLocation() + UKismetMathLibrary::GetForwardVector(FRotator{ NewWidgetLocation.Yaw, NewWidgetLocation.Pitch, 0 }), NewOffset, false);
	if (!DoesWork)
		return false;

	FVector2D SubtractOffset = GetWidgetSize(Widget);
	SubtractOffset.X = SubtractOffset.X * 0.5 + 27; // for some reason there is such a formula for the correct location of the widget
	SubtractOffset.Y = SubtractOffset.Y * 0.5; // half of widget size for center position
	return UWidgetDuelShooterFunctionLibrary::MoveWidgetByPixels(NewOffset - SubtractOffset, Widget);

bool UWidgetDuelShooterFunctionLibrary::MoveWidgetByPixels(const FVector2D& NewAbsoluteLocation, UWidget* Widget)
	if (!Widget)
		return false;
	auto CanvasPanelSlot = UWidgetLayoutLibrary::SlotAsCanvasSlot(Widget);
	if (!CanvasPanelSlot)
		return false;
	CanvasPanelSlot->SetOffsets(UWidgetDuelShooterFunctionLibrary::WidgetAbsolutePositionToMargin(NewAbsoluteLocation.X, NewAbsoluteLocation.Y, CanvasPanelSlot));
	return true;