Project with Content Example has stop working (v4.8.3)

Hi everyone, i have got this problem just few minutes ago, yesterday i was trying to do the particles tutorial and for that i have downloaded the Content Example. For the GPU effect i’ve found the vel_219.uasset file in another topic of this kind, and i’ve put it in the right folder. Then i’ve done the mesh effect without any problem. Well after that, i went to sleep, i wake up, i open my particle project and BUM! at 91% Windows (10) send me a message: ‘Unreal Engine has stop working’. And doesn’t explane why. Maybe one of you ‘epic guys’ know how can I fix it? Thanks.
PS:(if my english isn’t perfect is 'cause I’m Italian, sorry)

Hi ZackXIII -

Can you post a copy of your DXDIAG and look into the Windows Event Viewer to post the error message that occured with the engine shutdown, A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums for more information

Thank You

Eric Ketchum