Project "tree nursery"

Here is my self-made “tree nursery” with lots of natural and unnatural trees and other plants.


  1. asset overview, **natural **plants: speedtree-nursery: assets, natural - YouTube
    0.00 - 1.20 trees with needles, conifers
    1.20 - 1.44 marine plants for near, on and under the water
    1.44 - 2.50 desert plants, cactus and palm family
    2.50 - 3.41 grasses, ferns, herbs
    3.41 - 4.26 flowers, vegetables
    4.26 - 5.49 bushes, VFX falling leaves, trimmed hedges
    5.49 - broadleaf trees, variations on leaf-materials

  2. asset overview, unnatural plants: Speedtree-nursery: assets unnatural - YouTube
    0.00 - overview of the unnatural assets
    0.26 - single examples
    1.07 - example of a combination to create further unnatural plants using the existing ones

  3. technical features, details, usage examples: Speedtree-nursery: tech. features - YouTube
    0.00 - examples for exchanging materials for bark (normal/burnt version)
    1.12 - exchanging materials for leaves (autumn, to blooming/spring)
    1.30 - reducing leaves (could also be other colored leafes/variations) and branches
    2.04 - 3 LODs (level of detail) for good performance, see vertice-count at the top left
    2.55 adjustable parameters for wind.

  4. unnatural trees and the usage of speedtree material nodes:

  5. unnatural versions of other plants speedtree nursers: unnatural other plants - YouTube
    0:00 - ground cover
    1:14 - grasses
    3:46 - flowers
    5:23 - desert
    6:00 - bushes, shrubs and undergrowth
    7:55 - plants as custom letters

The pupils have LoDs, wind and learnt their collision. They all are also good performing poly-wise.
Each one has modular materials to wear, so you can create each season out of each tree and also modify the materials to whatever you like.

The classes that are already full of pupils are the realistic ones: needle-trees, broadleafes, bushes, flowers, grasses, palms, cactuses, water-plants:

New classes in preparation are unrealistic ones for sci-fi, phantasy, post-apoc, prehistoric…:

Existing habitats are desert and marine. Further planned habitats are swamp and jungle right now.

Additional courses exist for stumps and burnt trees, potted plants, hedges and more.
Specialist’s are trained for certain purposes:

All pupils have made their tests and exams in UEd, and are now ready to be planted in maps.
If someone needs anything, just contact me via PM here.



Looks great - are they available for download anywhere?

Nice collection. I second the download anywhere query XD

oh man! I like all the marine stuff and little plants! are these going to be available to download or be sold?

No, they are not available to download anywhere.
I am still expanding the nursery, right now adding to the “unnatural” section"
As I wrote: if someone needs anything, just contact me (via PM not by posting here).


Hey! Did you make all these trees yourself? They look amazing!

Especially fun to make are the “unrealistic” ones and the “specialists”. :slight_smile:



Do you mayhaps have tutorials how to make great trees for UE4, plan to make some or can recommend any?

sorry, but regarding you’re 3 questions: no, no and no.

Here some pupils from the “unnatural” class. It’s very fun to work with them:


From each tree you can take a way more or less leaves so you can create a variety…even down to bare stems:


Some fun during the breaks. You can write anything in those organic letters, like locations, names, whatever.

nice, Did you crate theses in Forester?

Adding “underwood”:
If you plant trees alone on the landscape, then these look pretty unnatural “lonely”, as in nature they come with surrounding underwood matching the species.
Thats why I am adding several matching underwood foliage models for the surroundings of the trees.

well they look good,

Also some small grasses join the nursery:


Some put into a desert scene:

I could be wrong but I think I see some Forester and some SpeedTree as well as some other source that I cannot identify

Some pupils went to the beach…

How are the last screens made?
Is that LAM from the marketplace?