Project "tree nursery"

this is like everything you need for make all environments of your game :smiley: i hope someday we can get this, even if we have pay.

Yep, that is ALM.

This is very beautiful work- I am truly blown away! Do you model by completely hand or use any kind of procedural generation with them?

These trees look badass, would you like to share some ?

To be honest they do look just “good”. I dont think anyone would actually buy them, there are far better alternatives available.
But they surely would enrich alot of small games if they were available for free. I already do have a huge collection of free trees, but what i would like to see is those uncommon ones :slight_smile:

As you can see from the birch’s detail (2nd picture, left part, zoom to enlarge) it has 8k tris at LOD 0. Most of the trees have between 5k and 10k at LOD 0 and then always 50% of that for the higher LOD’s. So they perform pretty good including wind, but of course can’t look as good as high-poly assets like for a cinematic.
It’s a trade off between performance and looks, but I would say with 5k-10k it’s about as good as you can get if you dont use repetition (copying brances for example).
@Tymax: People actually want to buy them, and I don’t know of the “far better alternetives available” as you claim. Are you speaking of better performing or better looking ones? Would you mind giving examples?

Here some more uncommon ones ones as requested…“hanging” ones for cliffs or canyons for example:


But I’ll admit that you’ve put alot of work into your LODs and into the uncommon trees. Those are kind of unique as far as I’ve seen :smiley:
If you really plan on selling them I suggest that you put them into proper (forest) scenes for a better presentation.

@Tymax: those packs you linked contain only a few species, more or less general broadleaf and conifer.
Mine have hundreds of very different species, mostly with 2-3 variations of each specie.
Here some example overview:


Regarding the presentation, I have only made a small one for some desert plants, see above here. There would have to be a lot of different environments to put all my “pupils” in from prehistoric, to swamp, winter…to sci-fi on other worlds. I don’t know if I ever am going to build such demo-scenes for presentatin or just use them in my maps right away.

WOW EXCELENT WORK MAN! you should sell some of these assets. I’d buy it if you release a pack in the market place and your price was about $15.00 to $25.00…

Do you do custom themed trees? i may want to purchase some of your skills for $$$ message me for more info.

Here grow unnatural plants in this phantasy setting:


Seems very good this stuff. Each tree has a physics asset setup? If the trees can take close-ups without losing quality that would be really great. Might make this worth $150+ on the marketplace, and Id happily pay that.

I’m pretty sure he’s not allowed to sell these trees anyway

Is this done with Speedtree? which program?

Here i used 2 of my self-made “tree-modules” to combine them differently and get differnet looking trees without extra static meshes:


Trees in use here:


Amazing work man, i wld like to see them with good illumination (like last screen), they look awesome. Are you making this for hobby or you will sell them?

I need some trees for my “commercial” game. Can you provide me some trees(I’m new to forums so PM is disabled for me)

Videos of the speedtree-nursery:

  1. asset overview, **natural **plants:
    0.00 - 1.20 trees with needles, conifers
    1.20 - 1.44 marine plants for near, on and under the water
    1.44 - 2.50 desert plants, cactus and palm family
    2.50 - 3.41 grasses, ferns, herbs
    3.41 - 4.26 flowers, vegetables
    4.26 - 5.49 bushes, VFX falling leaves, trimmed hedges
    5.49 - broadleaf trees, variations on leaf-materials

  2. asset overview, unnatural plants:
    0.00 - overview of the unnatural assets
    0.26 - single examples
    1.07 - example of a combination to create further unnatural plants using the existing ones

  3. technical features, usage examples:
    0.00 - examples for exchanging materials for bark (normal/burnt version)
    1.12 - exchanging materials for leaves (autumn, to blooming/spring)
    1.30 - reducing leaves (could also be other colored leafes/variations) and branches
    2.04 - 3 LODs (level of detail) for good performance, see vertice-count at the top left
    2.55 adjustable parameters for wind.

Added more videos of the unnatural versions of plants:

  1. unnatural trees and the usage of speedtree material nodes:

  2. unnatural versions of other plants
    0:00 - ground cover
    1:14 - grasses
    3:46 - flowers
    5:23 - desert
    6:00 - bushes, shrubs and undergrowth
    7:55 - plants as custom letters

Where can we buy this??