Project: Star Bounty

Hello everyone, below is a showcase of a project that I worked on for my final year down at the University of Hertfordshire for Project: Star Bounty, I am the Environment Artist on-board the project and most of my journey / progress can be viewed here on the Polycount / 3DHit threads!

Gold state submission

Environment Work




Started out as an idea but took form mostly as inspirations from all the video games that I play! All my progress was made with the Unreal Engine 4.19.2 version.

This looks like another rushed boring unpolished mess from the Uni of Hertfordshire. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, every demo / showcase / work-in-progress from the University looks class…

So how do you do it @littleclaude???

The ‘secret’ is the Uni only accepts people who are already seriously naturally talented… :smiley:
The quality of the teaching there can take anyone from ‘nothing’ to being super skilled?


Ha-ha! thanks for the kind words.

The Start Bounty team are amazing. I was totally blown away with every tutorial we had this semester.

In regards to your question,

The teachers are all passionate about their subject matter, at the Animation Expose I could see on the lecturers faces light up every time students from there cohort came up on stage to showcase their projects, just like team Star Bounty did.

​​​​​​​I would say it helps that we keep the numbers down on the course as much as possible so we can be picky in the interviews. This year we had over 800 applications from the UK and around the world. And we aim to have around 110 places across the Animation course across four courses (BA Games Art, 2D & 3D Animation, VFX) so ideally around 25-30 in each, obviously this number fluctuates from year to year.

​​​​​​​Clarence-Earl-Panuncio-Munji, Z, thanks for post this amazing project, your ArtStation is looking great, I will keep you posted if I hear of any environment posts. - ArtStation - Clarence Munji

Yeah everything I see from this university is pretty awesome. Is that relic Iron from original destiny. jk. The only stuff in graphics dev thats strange to me is emmisive colors on an animal. It never looks right, and it’s usually causing me to immediately think of a low poly, or stylized game. I dont know why my brain immediately associates emmisive colors on creatures with a stylized art direction? Bioluminescence in plants looks acceptable because it’s a natural known occurance, but it’s always strange to see something like a mammal in a realism scene that’s glowing. Even in scifi. Emmisive looks fine on anything electronic, robotic, or foliage based in sci fi direction though. Glowing night eyes are pretty normal. The sound effects of the ships sweeping in adds a nice flare with the wind too.

great work indeed.

Great work. I’d LOVE to have a super-wide, high-res version of the top for a dual monitor background :slight_smile: Just sayin…