Project Settings--> Export + Import from one Project to another?

quick question for project settings export / import

How can I export ALL Project Settings from one Project and…
How can I import ALL Project Settings to another Project?

Thanks for any little hint & help!

hmm… soo… I am assuming… this just doesn’t work?

The documentation says this about project settings:…ngs/index.html

So maybe you can try and copy all the altered .ini files from one project into your new project. You find them in your project folder in the “Config” folder. Just don´t copy the DefaultGame.ini, this contains the unique game ID, and i guess, every project should keep it´s own uniquie ID ^.^

ohhh wow… so that means… I just copy the two .ini files “Editor” + “Engine”… and that’s it?
that’s awesome… need to test this and see if this works… you rock man… thank you so much!!!

This way didn’t load the preferences for me, what about you?