Project Reverie - Sci/Fantasy Third-Person Action Game!

Hey everyone! Caldera Entertainment is proud to announce our new and upcoming title, Project Reverie!


Project Reverie is a Third-person Action game set on a mysterious planet. Players assume the role of Sadira, an agent of the Coterie as she finds herself stranded on an unknown planet. Explore a vastly beautiful yet dangerous world. Overcome puzzles and obstacles to progress and unlock unique rewards. Unravel the secrets of an ancient civilization as you work to find a way back home.

Latest Video

Check out the announcement trailer below.


Check out more screenshots here!

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Hey, this looks pretty cool! I look forward to seeing more.

Just a minor thing I noticed in the trailer. At 1:20, when she lands on the ground her foot seems to intersect with the ground then pop up again. It was only noticeble as the camera is quite close. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about.

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Looks good! Keep us updated!!!

I love the environment and atmosphere. The blue is a bit overwhelming, but still beautiful.

Thanks everyone! We look forward to sharing more soon, keep an eye on this thread, the website and follow us on twitter! =)

Here’s an early WIP of an enemy variant. Stay tuned for more!

I’m excited already, your an awesome artist, can’t wait to see what cool stuff you come up with, good luck Bro :slight_smile:

Love the aesthetic and bold color palette, looking forward to seeing more…

Thank you both! I’m really excited to be able to share more. Lots of cool things in the works. =)

It’s been a minute, lots of things going on behind the scenes that I’m excited to share! Here is a tease of some more environmental work. Ambiance is a major factor in the level design, I think these caves do a perfect job of exemplifying that. =)

Excited to share a gallery showcasing a cave style for Project Reverie. Check out more screenshots on ArtStation!

Really nice looking!

Thank you piotr47, glad you like it! =)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but we’ve been hard at work on so many things that I can’t wait to share! Here’s a little teaser on something we will be showcasing soon. =)

Flying, purple ninjas in a sci-fi game? Genius! Is your showcase going to be a video?

Haha thanks Slavical, it’s certainly possible that it may be a video. =P

A WIP sculpt of another enemy variant. Just need to finish blocking out the head and torso, then I can begin the hard surface process in Maya.

No hands? So they use their arms like swords?

Yes, this particular unit is predominantly melee. I’ll be able to share more about it’s combat styles in the not too distant future. =)