Project Reverie - Sci/Fantasy Third-Person Action Game!

Finished the concept sculpt for this enemy variant. Onto polishing it up in Maya. =)

Got the leg polishing done. Plan to add a few additive pieces here and there before tackling the detailed version, but overall silhouette wise it’s done.

Finished the arm polishing today. Just the body and head left. =)

Finished the torso. Helmet variant next, then I can begin low poly/detailed versions.

The skill and artistry is undeniable - it looks great. what you need is a good editor / director for your trailer my friend. I mean this with the utmost respect. that was very messy, off-timed, weirdly timed fades. I would be happy to re-cut it for you. Not trying to get in on your game i have my own but i would like to see this shine. feel free to email me.

imdb that name. cheers

Looks interesting i really like the style of it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback Ben. At the moment I’m not looking to add additional people to the project, but I have your information should that change. =)

Thank you, glad you like it. =)

And here is the finished head. Really like how this came out. The knees/elbows next. =)

Finished the blocking out in Maya. Next I’ll be doing a detail pass in Zbrush.

Hey everyone! Project Reverie has morphed into a new game altogether. We’ve released a public alpha demo and would love to hear your feedback on it! Check out the new thread here!