Project Oculus Rift in UNiversity

I’m a student that is having a course in Community based innovation and strategy at UCLA, since I decide to run a project on Oculus, we have to demonstrate the power of the community. I decide to enter here and leverage your expertise and opinion.

My idea is concerned with the future destinations of Rift, and about the feasibility of them. Many idea are now out in using Rift as war simulator or as an instrument to practice with surgery or simply to view films or distance learning.

I would like to have from you some Ideas about other kind of use, and from the programmer in this field an estimate of the cost of a similar software.

Thank you for the support!

(for the admin, if I posted in the wrong area I’m really sorry, and if you have some specific request; like: you want attached to my work the name of Unreal to exploit some publicity, feel free to ask)

Is your project about the Rift in particular, or is it about Virtual Reality in general?

IMHO, for “just the Rift”, there are limited usage scenarios. Because you usually sit while wearing it, you are (mostly) limited to “stationary environments”. E.g. cockpits, vehicles, stuff like that. Motion sickness will still be present even with the best ever HMD. Some people will have no problem with the experience of movement while sitting, others will never be able to get used to it. Have a look at the Oculus Rift developer’s guide, it’s very interesting. They tell you what to avoid in a 3D environment, e.g. stairs because the could cause nausea.
Most important usage scenarios will be, IMHO: education, training, tourism, engineering, recreation. Immersion level: “low” to “just good enough”.

“Real” Virtual Reality on the other hand, is like reality. The usage scenarios are endless. You just have to find out how to do it right. What we see now with the Rift, locomotion devices, sensor suits, etc. is just the beginning and will likely culminate in a direct brain interface to stimulate all your senses :slight_smile: Flying like superman with todays’ VR tech? Cool for a few minutes. Being superman in a matrix like VR - never stop flying! Immersion level: “good enough” to feels real".

VR in one year will be very different from today. VR in five years will make us laugh about the first baby steps we’re doing today.

I’m sure that VR is just at the beginning, in fact I chose this project because I trust in the way they reason and where they probably want to go. However Thanks for your suggestion I’m going to read the dev’s guide. I was wondering if you(btengelh) can suggest me some communities or documents where I can find something helpful about “Real” Virtual reality.

Thanks a lot for your post and for every post will follow

I’m not aware of such a community myself, but I’m sure they exist. Maybe go have a look at the Oculus developer forums and start from there.
Also have a look at “presence” research by psychologists ( They are researching how to trick you into being in another world for decades now and use a lot VR tech.