Project NAGAPI - Reatltime CG Feature

We are converting a graphic novel into a mini series. We’re in asset build and this is one of our WIP assets.
I’m excited to be sharing the process with you - more instalments to come…
Let us know what you think://

Really amazing i’m working on a similar styl game and it is also a novel but a japanese one^^
your’s looks very realistic and polished, just amazing


Done a bit more work on the turntable/lighting tool. I’ve added in auxiliary output variables (AOVs) and film grade which has been incredibly useful for interactive lookdev. Unreal is the gift that keeps on giving!

Coming together nicely, its fantastic to see Unreal working so well with vfx models…new stuff to come soon


A teaser for you, some artwork!! can see the vehicle above in the video present in the concept…thanks for looking, enjoy!!

Well, fancy seeing you guys here :-p

Looking really great!

  • Andrew

Awesome model and textures !

just a question : is that asset viewer available in any epic project ?

Thanks for the kind words – This is a daily’s tool I created and is not available currently. I am developing it alongside our asset build for Outlaws. It will be refined as we move forward. If there is appetite I am planning to make available some of the tools we create during the production.

Very nice models. That viewer looks great too!

Models look pretty cool :slight_smile:

The second one kinda reminds me of Star Wars. Not sure why, but it’s a good thing :wink:

Thanks for the kind words…Well our style of things is kind of inspired by various films…sci fi and spaghetti westerns being the most prominent. The design for the speeder vehicle was actually inspired by those old open cockpit racing carsfrom the 20s and 30’s, most notably the old bentleys and bugattis…then I just added a sprinkling of the Sci-Fi genre and voila!!! The spacecraft is a test modelas we were looking to push polygon counts further without the aid of normal mapping…the model however has since undergone a complete overhaul and looks far more appealing for the universe that we are creating…I think the word 'slick’comes to mind

more updates soon!!!


Bass real-time character lookdev://

We’ve been full steam ahead developing the character pipeline. This is a short video demo-ing some early lookdev work of Outlaws character Bass.

the dev has come along so much in the last few weeks, I’m very proud of this.


A quick fun demo of what 4.8 has done for eyes. Been experimenting with shading controls for iris, pupil dilation, sclera (white of the eye), veins and iris edge ring.


lovely stuff

some new stuff in progress:




small update. The progress of the leg and foot is coming into its own now. The geometry from the previous image will be used as internal ‘filler’ detail

Thanks for looking


hey all

Shameless plug, we have a facebook page for those interested in following the project. We have various storyboards and artwork teasers, models etc on show. we are currently developing some techy stuff too and will be showing off that very soon as well. We’d love feedback and of course your support.

Heres the link:

Enjoy and many thanks for looking.


So what happened to this project?

Thats a good question.

After planning to do a small trailer of the project, things got off track and into motion capture for VR, which wasnt really the actual idea required at the beginning. the idea was to create a short using unreal as the render engine. I had lined up two full time animators to so the mocap stuff had nothing to do with the project at all, all goal posts got moved and nothing got produced - time wasted. I have separated myself from any of the other parties involved and have moved the project forwards and upwards. There will be a release of the project as early as May this year. I will hasten to add my project will not be available to see on this forum again. Sorry guys