Project Management Software

I’m looking for some software to keep track of goals, things I’ve done, things I need to do, etc on my project. I’m working alone on my projects, but I’m finding it hard to keep track of things I need to do. Scraps of paper are just getting messy! But I dont want to use an online thing like basecamp, or public like github. I have 0 financing, so software has to be free. Anyone have suggestions of things I could do?

A good spreadsheet application does the trick. If you don’t have Excel, try Open Office (or whatever it’s called nowadays… LibreOffice?)

You may give Grindstone a try, but Excel is also fine.

We use Wunderlist - so far excellent.

You could try or, both are open source projects.

There are as many tools for project management as there are leaves in any given leafy tree. I have found that Asana is pretty reasonable for free tools, but YouTrack is another option. You may also find Phabricator useful, although when I used it last it wasn’t exactly ready for prime time. Github and Bitbucket both come with issue management tools and both are tied to VCS so its easy to keep them up to date - though not a full project management suite.

Having 0 funding is tough, but if you get serious about your project you wont regret moving to JIRA. Even with “0” in your pocket book, you can likely find $10 in a given month. Add confluence for another $10 and you are looking at nearly an end to end solution for tracking, managing and documenting your project.

That’s a pretty simple but good one. I also use it for my personal project :slight_smile:

Otherwise you could just use a spreadsheet -> e.g gdrive dokument, open office. Another good management system is Jira :wink:

I did regret using JIRA, every single time I had to use it (usually because of demands from publishers or investors) :wink:

u can try trello?

Trello rules!

Trello is great. Super easy to use, available anywhere on any device and free. I use it for all kinds of stuff. From work to personal task lists, it’s my go to tool. Feel free to sign up on my account so I get free premium time if you want. :slight_smile:

Asana is great, tasks can be assigned to people in the team.

for bigger Teams jira or hansoft are great. (profesional)

for solo devs is a nice todolist. **trello **is also not bad.

I use Redmine, it’s free and open source. At the place I worked before we used Jira - works great but is a real resource hog.

If you do not need a full blown project management software because you are working alone, just install some issue/bug tracking software (Bugzilla comes to mind).

+1 for Jira. I’m mostly a single person team at the moment, but I love how all the Atlassian products communicate. Use Stash for my Git server so I can create branches for things from Jira. Sourcetree is also awesome to work with.

On the same token there is a LOT of extra work you need to do with using Jira. Which if you do not want to deal with: Use Trello.

Try out Replicon

We basically prefer using the cloud based project management tool from Replicon which generally is featured with the user friendly and calendar based interface that makes it an intuitive tool to work with. Also the integration with other tools make it more ample to work. Here is the link for yout reference -

Anything visual should do a better job than raw documentation. If you can whiteboard at the top layer and then fork your design documentation as a to-do then the glue is much stronger.

An option like mind mapping software might be a better option as it’s more intuitive and flexible working from the top down over software solutions that better serve the bottom up work flow pathology.


If you already worked out your design then you need bottom up software to make to-do lists and there are plenty of solutions even using something simple as a word processor as it’s about writing the design documentation.

If you still have to work out the nuts and bolts mind mapping works better top down as you can work in on the fly ideas and solutions and reconfigure the top layer with out everything else coming unglued.

If anything if you can see the entire project at a glance that’s a good thing.

Hansoft is very good, we use it at the work studio because you can program in your Sprints, keep track of your bugs, see whose falling behind and why etc. You put in how many hours each part will take and it’s very flexible and customizable. Very powerful software and fits in extremely well with Agile-based workflow and development.

Trello is okay, but to be honest it’s not rigid enough and feels like more of a to-do list than an actual piece of planning software. We also used a Microsoft-based tool to do our Project Plan, a big sello-taped together sheet of about 20 A4 pages hanging up on the wall :stuck_out_tongue:

I can also recommend Articy: Draft as a good piece of flow-chart based planning software. It’s not free

And of course, you’ll need an obligatorily large stock pile of extra-sticky post-It notes! The regular glue just doesn’t cut it when the bloody things are on the studio floor in the morning after you spent all of the previous evening arranging them nicely on the board.

I use Novamind mind map software (with tasklist functions etc) for basically every kind of project I ever do.

Picking a php hosting you could use The Bug Genie, php hosting is very cheap these days. It supports agile development, bugs and much more. You can even poll for changes in your version control system.

I would recommend for the cloud based project management software from Replicon. The hassle free tool is featured with the user friendly and calendar based interface that makes it an intuitive tool to work with. Also the other modules like time management, expense management and task management the tool an overall package.