Project Launcher fails at Launching UAT

I am testing how to use the Project Launcher by creating a shipping version of the blank template through it. There is even a level saved from the default map.

Then, I used the custom launch profile taught [here][1] from the documentation.

However, whenever I try to launch a game from it, I get this

Here is the log in full [detail][3].

Curious thing is, I have the Unreal Engine installed in the D disc of the machine, but it is trying to refer to the C disc in the log.

Can anyone please help me with this problem? Or offe another solution? Just a reminder, I am trying to learn the Project Launcher in order to implement patches in other versions after I make the first one.

Hello MarcolinoIM

I have the same problem i can cook from the menu and build for win64 and it works but when i start build using a profile it messes it up.
I have the same ue4 version.