Project Image Plane Material to Specific Object in Scene

So I’ve been playing around for a while and I feel there must be a way but have not sorted out the proper method to do it. I’ve got a cine camera blueprint, with an Image Plane attached, the image plane changes its distance from camera from the FOV and sensor. I can scale the image plane down so it is really close to the camera, or up so that is very far, the end result of what i am looking to do, is project the image planes material from the camera’s view, onto only specific objects in the scene, say character’s faces. The rest of the image plane would not be rendered. Any ideas on how to do this, it feels possible so I’m not giving up but any ideas or approaches would be helpful!


You seem to be asking for camera projection, and yes - it is possible.

I’ve done it as a camera projected decal (so your control would be if ‘receives decals’ is checked or not), but it can be combined with any texture / material.


I’ll try to update it with a link to the actual assets soon.