Project GENOM - Sci-fi MMO

Hi there,

I’m the lead programmer on the title “Project GENOM”. It’s a sci-fi MMO that has been in development for a couple of years before I joined the team. We managed to port everything to UE4 very quickly (closed alpha started in March this year) and everyone is really enjoying the engine.

Today we’re on Steam Greenlight so if you like the idea of this game,
Vote for us on Greenlight :slight_smile:

Video (best watched in 1080p):

Some of the planned features (taken from the Steam page):

Non-target combat system – you aim and you shoot. Skill over boring mashing of the same abilities.
Special equipment – get into exoskeletons and mechs, wield a huge mechanical sword or even mutate your character with the DNA extracted from alien wildlife.
Spaceship and interplanetary travel – The worlds of Mass Effect, Destiny and DeadSpace have greatly influenced and inspired our game’s features. Build an entire spaceship of your own, hire a crew and begin to explore uncharted parts of space at your own peril or use it as air support in particularly challenging battles.
Increase skills through their use – the more you use an ability or a weapon, the higher its skill rises, similarly to the Elder Scrolls series and the old Ultima games.
Dynamic world – insectoid creatures grow and spread their nests in real time, effectively altering the world if you don’t deal with them quickly enough.
Means of transportation – If you manage to get your hands on one, you can ride quad bikes, gliders, buggies or other mounts to move around the planets and get things done.
**Crafting **– a rich crafting system that doesn’t become useless once you reach the end game content. Create weapons and trinkets, engineer mounts and exoskeletons using whatever alloys you desire. With the same blueprint you can build a gun from gold or from wolfram, from steel or titanium. Some materials just look fancy, others carry with them practical pros and cons.
Resource procurement – install drilling towers and mining facilities to extract the very essence of alien planets – their previously undiscovered substances and materials. Use them for various activities in the game, be it crafting, summoning bosses, enhancing items or developing trade terminals.
PvP arenas – arenas will give players a chance to discover who is the strongest.
Personal cabin – players will have a chance to buy and work on their own private space.

My solo project: MMO Starter Kit. I’ve used it as a base when starting to develop Genom and built the other features on top.

Feel free to ask any questions about the project and I’ll try to answer to the best of my knowledge :slight_smile:





I can’t wait to play. Is there an active website or would you like us to engage the Steam Forums as primary place to discuss this. I do not want to create a discussion here :slight_smile: unless you’d prefer it here!

Looks good and very ambitious but -1 for inception horn, I think you’re better than that.

Hey man … this looks very good and I am going to be watching this one with a keen eye. Keep up the good work and good luck. 8-}

I voted for you on Steam Greenlight.

I believe the Steam Forums are fine, the project leads are hanging there actively today. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the vote. Your posts about self-hosted GitLab were the reason we are using it for our version control by the way :slight_smile:

Awesome man … glad that I could help in a small way. Let me know if you ever need help with it. 8-}

Which engine did your team port this from?
It feels quite AFF-Universe-ish in a blow your socks off kind of way.

Just thought I’d post this here for others.

Offical PROJECT GENOM Forum :

Torque3D was used at first, and then their own engine built from scratch. And finally, UE4. :slight_smile:

cool video

Ps you use standard vehicle class or yours?

Standard vehicle class was used, it allows for lots of customization and even supports 6+ wheeled vehicles like the one in the concept art above.

Looks really awesome Code Spartan :slight_smile:

Also Upvoted :slight_smile:

Looks neat, looking forward to seeing more of it!
Voted for the Greenlight.

This game looks awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Normally I’d get the urge to run in the opposite direction when the terms “indie” and “MMO” were combined, but this looks pretty solid! I will certainly be keeping an eye on it.

I love the look of that creatures

A draft of the quest window:


i use standard vehicle BP class and all my vehicle fly))) you have this problem? and if i correct BP not support 6 wheels so you must be using c++?

This looks really interesting. Looks like Firefall mixed with Destiny and a touch of Halo. o_O

Kind of an insta-buy reason for me. I enjoyed Firefall, played all Halo Games so far and occasionally play Destiny.

Any interest or plans to support German next to English and Russian asap?

Make sure you followed the official guide on creating a vehicle, and that your vehicle skeleton is correct. You can have a 6 wheeled vehicle using only blueprints, I have only 4 wheels in the wheel setup, and the two extra wheels are copying their animation from the real ones (see screenshot).

Thanks :). No plans to support German for now, we still have a lot to do gameplay-wise and haven’t really started diving into localization yet.