Project crashes when I try to open

You’re accessing/passing a null pointer somewhere in your code (Your call stack shows your project making a call into the engine and then the engine crashing).

You’ll need to post your code (or run debug so we can see a callstack) if you want any more help before that, unfortunately.

Everytime I open the project it starts loading and then immediately crashes. This is a c++ code project. I’ve tried migrating the project but that is not working. Here is the log file: link text

try reinstalling the 4.13 engine, according to the log it may be corrupted.
if it doesn’t help, are you using source control?

I figured it out, thanks.

please post the solution instead. it may help future viewers with a similar problem.

I migrated the project to a new project and slowly transferred the code, and I fixed a few errors in the code. It might have been the null pointer thing. I am not totally sure though.