Project crashes in Standalone but not PIE/Editor

I’ve a project that crashes whenever running standalone. It is definitely the problem with the project as other project runs fine. However , it is to be noted :

  • There is no compile error. It’s a C++ and Blueprint project
  • Projects runs fine on PIE(new editor windor or current viewport) and event multiple clients.
  • Only crashes when running Standalone via editor.
  • Crash callstack provides zero useful information other than MachineID and EpicAccountID . I don’t believe this is important but if it is, please let me know i’ll send in. I’ve already clicked Submit Crash Report Many Times

Here are the logs and dumps. I do hope someone can drop some clue on what is causing this

link text

It’s a longshot, but I had the same issue (crash in standalone, but everything’s fine in the editor). Turning off save after compile in the compile dropdown fixed the issue for me.

Yeah, I was pretty baffled at that solution too. I think I read somewhere that it should be fixed for 4.7. Remember that your acceptance of the answer disappears if you add a comment after you’ve accepted the answer (I hunger for karma) :stuck_out_tongue:

wow this actually worked. thanks a bunch. It made sense since this option only appears in 4.6

What is the “Compile dropdown”? I can’t find this anywhere.