Project based on ShooterGame not compiling under 4.4.3


so yeah. I just cloned the ShooterGame Project to create my own Project. When I start from the launcher, it cant be run since it wants to recompile the LoadingScreen Module with then does fail. When I try to build the project in VS, I get the following Error:

Warning 1 warning : The selected culture ‘de_DE’ is not available; falling back to ‘en’ D:\dev\Unreal Projects\RPGShooter\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\LogTextLocalizationManager ShooterGame
Error 2 error : Superclass BTTask_BlackboardBase of class BTTask_FindPickup not found D:\dev\Unreal Projects\RPGShooter\Source\ShooterGame\Classes\Bots\BTTask_FindPickup.h 6 1 ShooterGame
Error 3 error : Superclass BTTask_BlackboardBase of class BTTask_FindPointNearEnemy not found D:\dev\Unreal Projects\RPGShooter\Source\ShooterGame\Classes\Bots\BTTask_FindPointNearEnemy.h 6 1 ShooterGame
Error 4 error : Superclass AIController of class ShooterAIController not found D:\dev\Unreal Projects\RPGShooter\Source\ShooterGame\Classes\Bots\ShooterAIController.h 5 1 ShooterGame
Error 5 error code: 2 D:\dev\Unreal Projects\RPGShooter\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\Error ShooterGame
Error 6 error MSB3073: The command ““D:\dev\Unreal Engine 4\Unreal Engine\4.4\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\Build.bat” ShooterGameEditor Win64 Development “D:\dev\Unreal Projects\RPGShooter\ShooterGame.uproject” -rocket” exited with code -1. C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V120\Microsoft.MakeFile.Targets 38 5 ShooterGame

So to further elaborate:

The class BTTask_BlackboardBase cant be found in my IDE at all. I wonder if it might be a problem in the created Solution with some engine dependencies not being included? Also, in the ShooterGame Project I cant find the #include statement that includes the AI stuff. Maybe this is the problem.

Also what I found unexpected is that the classes after cloning a project still have the ShooterGame Prefix. I assumed that this would be renamed on cloning the project.

I could really use some help here. I cant even open the original ShooterGame Project anymore. What can I do?

So I found out that you can actually download versions of the project from the market place so this is what I am doing now and I guess this should work out then :slight_smile: