Project at 4.14 opens with problems at 4.24

Greetings everyone !

Guys, my project was developed in version 4.14, when I opened it in 4.24, at first I already detected two problems that I don’t know how to solve.
1 - there was a drastic reduction in the polygons of all the actors in the scene, as if they were in LOD 5
2 - All reflexes burst.
I have no idea where to adjust these parameters, can you guide me?

  1. Try turning off texture streaming in project settings

chokehold , thanks for listening . Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem of excessive reflection, and especially the drastic global reduction in polygons. Some changes in the LOD configuration occurred between 4.14 and higher. I notice that all the actors in the scene behave as if they are in very low polygon LOD and only when I get too close, the mesh returns to normal. And as for reflexes, couldn’t it be raytrace? In version 4.14, where my project was born, this feature did not exist, what do you think?