Project and moved folders

So yesterday I moved some project folders to another folder to save time to open and then moved back to the project folder and when I opened the project some things were missing and the materials are no longer in them. Any solution?
I did not go swimming in the folders I just changed folders. They are as they were

I’m sorry for my english

Some things may have been lost, next time copy the folder, open to see if it still works and then delete the old. I have had files get corrupted by moving folders and do not show up in the editor but they still show up in the game directory folder. Do these files still show up in your /project/content folder? These items should show up as an .UASSET file.

Yes, I just moved the folders. All of them at the same time.
But when I open the project says a message appears saying if I want to replace but in this case I will lose the data or some of the genre

Will this be?

Open the project and right click on CONTENT and click on FIX UP REDIRECTORS IN FOLDER. Are you putting the files in the exact same place?


When you did FIX UP REDIRECTORS, did it look like it was going nuts?

Oh it looks like it worked to do that. thank you so much. Sometimes things are so simple and we kill our heads so much, do not we?


Sorry my english…

No worries about English… You came across perfectly…! Take Care!

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